Hilfreich Studio

Hilfreich Studio provides original hand-carved pieces of art to complement any room or personality. Hilfreich Studio's unique works of art are high quality, carved out of medium density fiberboard (MDF), and are painted on all sides and include a hanging device for easy installation. 

Are you looking for a unique gift? Do you have a birthday party, reunion, or weekend trip where a unique T-shirt or event poster would be the finishing touch for your event?  Hilfreich Studio can design, carve, and print a unique image just for you and/or your event based on your requests, and print it on T-shirts!

Once the graphic is designed with your input and approval, Hilfreich Studio will begin the carving process. Once the carving is complete, Hilfreich Studio will print T-shirts of any size, color, or style, out of what is available AND ship them to your door! ANYWHERE!

The T-shirts carved at this price are for personal use only. Any T-shirt requests for commercial purposes will be subject to Hilfreich Studio's freelance pricing schedule. Please email HilfreichStudio[at]gmail[dot]com for all commercial requests. 

Custom Woodblock Printing Pricing

$150 price is based on the image size in its longest dimension. The carved block will remain property of Hilfreich Studio, but can be purchased for an additional cost.
Add $50 for each additional character, animal, person, or element
For for more elaborate ideas, please contact
Hilfreich Studio for an estimate.
Additional shipping fees applied to all international orders. 

Block Design and Carve - $150 (in addition to the price per T-shirt)
1 - 10 t-shirts:              $7/t-shirt
11 - 19 t-shirts:            $6.50/t-shirt
20 - 40 t-shirts:            $5.50/t-shirt
41-74 t-shirts:              $4.50/t-shirt
75+ t-shirts:                 $3.50/t-shirt


Hilfreich Studio's work makes a unique gift for loved ones, or a great conversation piece for any decor. An Hilfreich Studio carving makes great Christmas gifts, amazing birthday presents, and is appropriate for just about any occasion! These unique pieces add character to any room in the house, and kids and adults of all ages love them!

All pricing is based on size and is measured in the largest direction.
Pricing is based on one element, one animal, person, alien, character doing something.
Add $50 for each additional character, animal, person, or element

All prices include shipping within the United States
14"          $150
16"          $200
18"          $250
20"          $300
22"          $350
24"          $400

Please allow at least a month to complete. 

A $50 rush fee may be added to any order needed within 21 days.
A $50 deposit is required to begin any design.